Food Destinations, Big and Small.

Food Destinations, Big and Small.

Our garage top deck is nearly complete, making us more of a Chicago Bed & Breakfast than ever before. 
Chicago summer is a race to covet as much outdoor, deck seating, as humanly possible.
We are so happy to offer our guests their own little piece☀☀☀

Exciting changes still to come: we’ll be transitioning to more permanent seating and larger planters, with possible green house and wood burning stove! Plus! For anyone staying in our Skylight Room, you now have direct access to the deck and garages. Your own private entrance without having to go through the B&B (pack a baseball cap and dark sunglasses to complete your celebrity on holiday look ?).

Our deck is also home to our beautiful herb garden, pictured here. These herbs help decorate each breakfast plate and are combined to season some of our omelettes and scrambles. But as much as we love breakfast, we know there are two other important meals of the day, and although they can be substituted by a 2nd and 3rd breakfast, our Bucktown and Wicker Park neighborhoods have tons of great dining options to try! 
Don’t know where to start, why not try it all? 
Buy your tickets for the 6th Annual Fall Dinner Crawl in Bucktown and Wicker Park! Scheduled for Tuesday, September 26th, 6 – 9pm. Sample small bites and appetizers especially made for you, and while you’re at it, get a guided neighborhood tour. 

(The Royal Grocer & Co. has one of Bucktown’s newest brunch menus. They are hosting a brunch with DJ Fess Grandiose on Saturday, September 23rd, noon – 4pm. Come back that same night for vinyl and cocktails, as Royal Grocer and Double Door present Saturday Evenings with Uncle El, 10pm – 2am. Both events are FREE. Check them out HERE

Want to go bigger?! 
Chicago was recently named Restaurant City Of The Year by Bon Appetit magazine, an honor given to the most innovative and exciting dining city in the country! Chicago also earned two spots on this year’s Hot 10 List where Bon Appetit selects the Best New Restaurants in America! If you’re still with me, I posted some of our favorites below. If your stomach has taken over and you’re scouring the links above, I trust you’re on a good journey ???????