Our Rooms

East Room

Located below the first floor in the garden level, East Room has three windows, a pillow-top queen bed, a twin bed and a writing desk. Like all the rooms, it has an HDTV and DVR with satellite service, WIFI, and a lock on the door. The private en-suite bathroom has four shower heads, two on each side for a luxurious shower, and a deep bathtub for those nights you just want to have a quiet soak. Four heat lamps (on a dimmer) keep you nice and warm out of the tub. Please note that if you have Verizon as a cell phone provider (and possibly others) reception in this room is not reliable. Also, if you are a light sleeper consider the fact that you WILL be able to hear footsteps from the main living and kitchen area above.

WiFi average speed:  326 mbps upload / 36 mbps download