Rideshare and Taxi

Uber & Lyft: Ride sharing is one of the easiest and most popular ways for guests to get around the city.  There are very reliable and readily available from here. Average wait time is about 5-10 minutes (Friday & Saturday nights maybe a little longer). Their rates are reasonable, though watch out for surge pricing during busy periods. We recommend using ride share because you can book for immediate use, or book for future travel (airport the next morning!) We suggest downloading either app on your phone – if you are not familiar feel free to ask a staff member for help. We have a business account that we can book for you and charge it to your room.

Flash Cab— can book online (flashcab.com) or by phone (773.561.4444)

Airport Express: If you are headed to the airport, DO NOT use Airport Express!  They will overcharge you by at least $20, and are extremely unreliable!

Hailing a Taxi: Taxis are available throughout the city by hailing, especially in the downtown areas and entertainment areas. The most likely area you’ll find a cab to hail is on Damen Ave.—simply walk down Webster until you reach Damen ave and turn right (south).

Limo / Car Services are available to/from the airports and reservations must be made in advance.
Taxis at the airports are nicely controlled with dispatchers. Just follow the signs at your terminal. There are shared rides available at times—ask the dispatchers.

Shared Bus service from the airport is unfortunately unavailable to our neighborhood.