All Hallows B&B

All Hallows B&B

Lions and tigers and bears? Oh yeah! It’s about that time y’all, that spooky scary time where the leaves are turning, the air crisping, and the storefront that was once the home of a dodgy Ponderosa is now a neon-orange Spirit Halloween. The biggest decision of my year is about to be made: what to be for Halloween? I’m thinking Zombie Jackie Kennedy, demon big bird, or Hot Abraham Lincoln. All the staff here at Ray’s love Halloween. I’m not sure if Ray does himself, but he’s enough of a character that he still fits in.  

Halloween in Chicago is an entire weekend extravaganza, with Halloween on a Wednesday this year, there’s no shortage of festive activities to fully tune into your witchy side. What kind of Halloweener are you? Haunted house type? Costume dance party type? Eat so much candy your body physically explodes and you turn that into a zombie costume type? All of the above?  Chicago’s got events for ya, and Ray’s will always be here to cushion your sugar fallout post- Devil’s Night. 

If you’re not a fan of Halloween, go to a few of these events and open your mind to the possibilities of becoming a fun person. I believe in you. Anyways, Halloween events as follows:

In the Neighborhood:
Looking for a safe space to get some free candy? This map of safe businesses and homes has all you need to get them sweet sweet snickers bars. 
2.    Boo-Pallooza
Dog costume contests, food, dancing, this daytime events has a ton of live music and activities to get you into the Halloween Spirit. 

Around town:
1.    Hell’s Gate Haunted House, Lockport IL
A multi-level mansion filled with horrors. There’s a fright slide, and if you find the skeleton key hidden somewhere in the mansion, your ticket is free. 
2.    Masque Macabre, North Center
Interactive, Poe-inspired theatre. As an audience member, and integral part to the show, walk through an art gallery where horror comes to life.

The Classics: 
1.    Jack’s Pumpkin Pop-Up, River West
Sponsored by Goose Island Brewing Company, there’s a corn maze, live performances, and good beer. Not so spooky, but definitely so fun. 
This family friendly event at Wrigley field has trick or treating, farm animals, and a screening of “Casper the Friendly Ghost.” Simple, innocent, classic Halloween fun.
You can actually see those lions and tigers and bears! Plus, crafts,  hay mountain, a Ferris wheel, live music, and fall-themed zoo activites.